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Nav Chetna is a best NGO in Punjab that is committed to education, empowerment, health, and development.

NGO in Punjab

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Nav Chetna is a dedicated ngo in Punjab working tirelessly to uplift the lives of individuals and communities across Punjab. Founded with the vision of creating a more equitable and sustainable society, we strive to empower the marginalized and vulnerable through a range of impactful initiatives.

Nav Chetna NGO works in different fields, especially in women’s and children Education, empowerment health and development.

We are envisioning a society permeated with the spirit of brotherhood, in which its members help each other create a sustainable and harmonious environment, improving their lives through raised awareness of co-dependency and connectivity with their surroundings as well as globally.

Nav Chetna has been working for holistic rural development through social and economic empowerment of women and girls in India. Nav Chetna provides free education, job opportunities, healthcare, and livelihood enhancement for girls and women from the marginalized sections of society and enables them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

We believe that the youth are the future of any society and there should be no differences when it comes to being exposed to knowledge and information. This is why we are providing quality in education for all members of our society, mainly children and youth.  Learning, after all, should be interactive and engaging, sparking curiosity and breeding a healthy relationship with attaining knowledge. This way we can ensure lifelong learning because of the newly awoken desire for the learning process to continue. Through a broad-minded attitude like this, an individual is able to not only act upon fulfilling his needs but also be a binding agent and promoter of change in the society.

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Legal Status

Societies Registration Act 1860

Nav Chetna is registered under the Society Registration Act, XXI of 1860 Government of India, Vide Registration No. 253/2005 and get the amendment under the Himachal Pradesh Society Registration Act (HPSRA), 2006.

PAN & UDYAM Number

Our Permanent Account Number is AAAAN3719Q. And Udyam Registration Number is HP-09-001 4987 dated 09-10-2023. 

Income Tax Act, 1961

Registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 with Unique Registration No.  AAAAN3719QE20218 dated 31-12-2021.

Registered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 with Unique Registration No. AAAAN3719QF20231 dated 01-09-2023.

We are registered for undertaking CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)  activities with the ministry of corporate affairs and the Registration number is CSR00009294.  Dated 19-06-2021..

Income Tax Act, 1961

Our Unique ID at NGO-DARPAN portal of NITI Aayog, Government of India is HP/2013/0067160.

"We recognize ISO 26000 as a reference document that provides guidance for integration/implementation of social responsibility / socially responsible behavior."

Our Mission

Nav Chetna’s mission is to create a just and equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We believe that this can be achieved by empowering women and girls, promoting education, and providing access to healthcare and other essential services.

Our Vision

A world where every one has the opportunity to reach their full potential and live a healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling life.  

Our Values

Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.

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Together, let us create a Punjab where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. With your support, Nav Chetna can continue to shine a light on hope and progress, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.