Working with Nav Chetna NGO is a journey of empowerment and community. It is a place where you are encouraged to be your best self and to make a difference in the world. Nav Chetna NGO is more than just a workplace, it is a family that cares about each other and the communities they serve. Please read the below section of jobs in Shimla. 

Nav Chetna Employees enjoy these perks

100% Learning Culture

As long as you choose to be with us one thing is inevitable that you will learn more than your entire college years you have spent.

World Class Work Culture

A great work culture is not an addition but our foundation as a Non Profit Organization.

Higher Education Plan

If your education and job both matter to you and you want to complete your higher education we will make a work arrangement so that you can do both happily  

Growth Path

Your growth has no boundary, no timelines. You can grow as slow as you want or as fast as you want. We are a  ready catalyst for you. 

Good friend in Bad times

However bad the time gets you are like family and we will never leave your side when you needed us the most. We trust you 🙂

Freedom of pay cheque

You write your own cheque, you draw your own growth, you take your own decision but never settle down for less.

Opening in Nav Chetna

Nav Chetna is looking for passionate candidates who have passion for social work. We are looking at expanding our team and presently looking for the following roles. The roles have the flexibility of being full time as well as part time on per project basis. If you are interested for any other role, you may also drop in the details, which we will be happy to look into.

Jobs in Shimla

15th October 2023

Project Manager in Shimla

Please call us for more details.

07th October 2023

Receptionist Job

Please call us for more details.

07th October 2023

Fundraiser Job

Please call for more details.

15th October 2023

HR Executive Interns

The ideal candidate will support the full scope of Human Resources responsibilities and partner with the organization on strategic initiatives. HR Executive duties will involve managing activities such as job design recruitment, employee relations, performance management, training & development, and talent management. To Prepare and maintain the various reports/documents and advise the employees regarding benefits, programs, and pay issues. 

07th October 2023

Marketing Intern

Planning digital marketing campaigns. Maintain social media presence across all digital channels. Measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns. Educate people about Nav Chetna NGO.

07th October 2023

Counselling Job

Please call for more details.

Become a Volunteer

Join hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.