Diploma in Accounting Management

Diploma in Accounting Management

Accounting management or management accounting is the process in which financial and non-financial information and resources are provided to the managers in an organisation to facilitate decision making. In this process, invoices, financial statements and other relevant information are shared with the company’s management team which then looks around and into the business, takes into account its needs and then devises a plan, formulates strategies and implements them for the organisation to reach its goal.

The objective of accounting management is to use processed statistical data to determine the correct plan of action for the development of the business. Some of the tools of accounting management are financial accounting, business analysis, costing, economics, etc. Accounting management is quite an old course of study and is the ideal stepping stone for those seeking a career in the corporate world. It is an integral part of any organisation’s functions and hence, people pursuing management accounting in higher studies never face any dearth of jobs after completion of the course.

Your Course Mentors or Coordinators

Surinder Singh Rawat

MBA Finance

Vijashwari Tandon


Diploma in accounting management requires a class 10+2 certificate or an equivalent in any discipline from a recognised board

After completion of course you can get jobs in the government sector, banks, railways, core sector companies, hospitals, insurance sectors and so on.

Beginner level to Advance level 

Regular Class room training with practical training

1 Year, 2 Years 


Theoretical and Practical exam at the end of each year.

On the job training will be provided.

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100% job placement assurance after completing course.

1. Analytical skill: Having analytical skill allows professionals to suggest and implement viable solutions after analysing a problem thoroughly.

2. Communication Skill: To ensure quick and accurate delivery and understanding of information, written and verbal communication skills are utterly important. This way the personal and professional goals are met smoothly as the flow of information along the hierarchy is well maintained.

3. In-depth knowledge: Professionals need good knowledge about policy planning, accounting theory, corporate income taxation, tax ethics, estate planning, accounting research, business communications, accounting and auditing information systems, finance, supply chain management and information technology.

4. Financial skills: These skills help the individual develop the ability in financial areas and increase the knowledge in financial planning and working, leasing, capital management, and also learn work for corporate organisations.

5. Decision-making ability: One should have reasonably good foresight and risk-taking ability to make timely decisions for his organisation.

Rs. 10000/- to 1,20,000/- P.M according to skills and experience. 

Recruitment depend upon location of candidates. Please visit our office for more details on placement. 

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